Yesterday evening I went to a bookstore chain. What made me feel disappointed was that I couldn't find the original edition of Harry Potter series books. I have been reading an electronic edition book of Harry Potter on the computer these days and it often made me feel tired. I prefer paper edition books to electronic books when reading some kinds of novels or technical works. Now a paper edition of books is more and more expensive. I heard that the tag price of the original edition of the Harry Potter series is up to 100 RMB and I think only a few people can afford it.

The film Garfield 2 has released across China. I am a fan of cartoon. I like the Garfield series film but not much. I have seen Garfield 1 before and it fits kids well in my opinion. I am going to download or buy a DVD of the Garfield2 instead of seeing it in the cinema. By the way I like science fiction movies most because they make me imaginative.

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