Today is a little cooler in Dalian and everything goes well.

Alex brought us a topic about stock market, I didn't speak much in class, because I have little interest in that issue, but I do learn a lot of new words. After the class Alex told us he was happy for his first being paid during the latest 2 months and he did not have any classes in the coming semester until this October. When he first came to the school and saw so many college students were doing an army training, he wondered what on earth the place was.

During the lunch I heard that a super typhoon 'Saomao' was landing on Fujian Province this afternoon or tonight. I had never heard about the 'super typhoon'. According to the introduction by an expert of China Central Weather Bureau, 'Super Typhoon' is more powerful than the ordinary typhoon, and its central wind speed can be up to 17, that is 216 km per hour. We know that the central wind speed of an ordinary typhoon is always less than 13. So how terrible the super typhoon is! Hundreds of thousands of people in Fujian had been moved to some safer places. What we can do now is to say 'Good luck'.

My English Diary Starts From Scratch

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