I have been thinking of writing my English diary for a long time, but I do have no idea what I should write down. I have been studying English in Dalian for almost one and half a month and I really don’t know whether I’ve made any progress in English. Now, I have a feeling that there are a bunch of things for me to study, such as classic English sentence patterns, a huge amount of unfamiliar words, one-minute VOA headline listening practice, and so on. There is a saying: no pain, no gain. Although the process of English studying is a little boring, I must study English well, for me, for my career, and for my future.

I extremely agree with Li Yang, who is the inventor of the theory of ‘Crazy English’. I am reading the ‘Crack Series’ books written by Li yang and they’ve been very helpful. According to his theory, the English studying should be a sentence-centralized process and you can learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation from sentences; moreover, Li Yang has a special way to correct your pronunciation, which is called ’3-most’. Li Yang suggests that when you practice pronunciation, please speak most loudly, most quickly and most clear, and he is sure that you will make a great achievement if you can insist on doing as many practices as you can in that way. It does make sense. I notice that I get a little progress in my pronunciation. It’s not much because I have insisted on practice in this way for only 3 days.

It has been sunny for several days in Dalian and it’s very hot and it sucks. Everyday I have to take a cool-water bath to make me comfortable. I wish it would be cooler tomorrow.

I started to read ‘Harry Potter’ yesterday. The day before yesterday when I told Alex I was going to read ‘Harry Potter’, He looked at me surprisingly and said “Really?” I guess that in his opinion the book is for teenagers rather than people of the same age as me. Now I have read several pages of that book and I found that it is still not that easy for me and I can still learn lots of knowledge from the book. During the reading I write something as my reading notes and I’m going to share these notes on my blog someday. I want to thank J.K. Rowling, the author of ‘Harry Potter’, very much for her giving us such a great story.

I’m sorry that I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. The ‘lost-blog’ event has made me very disappointed these days. And so far many logs of July have still not been recovered. I have to wait, wait, and wait. Blogbus! Help me, please!