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My English Diary Starts From Scratch

I have been thinking of writing my English diary for a long time, but I do have no idea what I should write down. I have been studying English in Dalian for almost one and half a month and I really don’t know whether I’ve made any progress in English. Now, I have a feeling that there are a bunch of things for me to study, such as classic English sentence patterns, a huge amount of unfamiliar words, one-minute VOA headline listening practice, and so on. There is a saying: no pain, no gain. Although the process of English studying is a little boring, I must study English well, for me, for my career, and for my future.

I extremely agree with Li Yang, who is the inventor of the theory of ‘Crazy English’. I am reading the ‘Crack Series’ books written by Li yang and they’ve been very helpful. According to his theory, the English studying should be a sentence-centralized process and you can learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation from sentences; moreover, Li Yang has a special way to correct your pronunciation, which is called ’3-most’. Li Yang suggests that when you practice pronunciation, please speak most loudly, most quickly and most clear, and he is sure that you will make a great achievement if you can insist on doing as many practices as you can in that way. It does make sense. I notice that I get a little progress in my pronunciation. It’s not much because I have insisted on practice in this way for only 3 days.

It has been sunny for several days in Dalian and it’s very hot and it sucks. Everyday I have to take a cool-water bath to make me comfortable. I wish it would be cooler tomorrow.

I started to read ‘Harry Potter’ yesterday. The day before yesterday when I told Alex I was going to read ‘Harry Potter’, He looked at me surprisingly and said “Really?” I guess that in his opinion the book is for teenagers rather than people of the same age as me. Now I have read several pages of that book and I found that it is still not that easy for me and I can still learn lots of knowledge from the book. During the reading I write something as my reading notes and I’m going to share these notes on my blog someday. I want to thank J.K. Rowling, the author of ‘Harry Potter’, very much for her giving us such a great story.

I’m sorry that I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. The ‘lost-blog’ event has made me very disappointed these days. And so far many logs of July have still not been recovered. I have to wait, wait, and wait. Blogbus! Help me, please!



(1) It’s too far to walk to school it is snowing.
(2) It’s too far to walk to school, it is snowing.
(3) It’s too far to walk to school, moreover, it is snowing.

句子(1)中间缺少标点(No punctuation);
句子(2)使用’,'来分割两个完整的并列句,不符合标准语法(Tow or more complete sentences joined by comma);
句子(3)使用了一个副词moreover来连接两个并列句,但是标点有问题。(Two complete sentences joined by adverbs incorrectly punctuated)

(1) It’s too far to walk to school; It is snowing.
(2) It’s too far to walk to school, and it is snowing.
(3) It’s too far to walk to school; moreover, it is snowing.
1、A ; B
2、A, conj(and/but/so) B
3、A; adv(moreover/however/therefore/thus), B

主句, if/when/because + 从句
或者 If/When/Because + 从句,主句



今天Alex给我们上的是pronunciation课,他首先按照音标表,分别给我们纠正发音,包括各种Vowels和Consonants,他建议我们练习发音的最好方法就是拿个Recorder录下你的发音,然后听录音,直到你认为'You are comfortable with your pronunciation'为止。


从左边数第一个语调和第四个语调都是用来陈述事实(State facts)的,但是第一个语调当声音偏高的时候表明你处于Happy状态,偏低的时候表明你Maybe a bit sad。




你可以拿'She is a pretty girl'来做作练习体会一下。^_^



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